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Not very good...

Sorry, but this Flash animation was just not very good, atleast for being on the front page. The idea was great, but was just not executed well. Graphics and animation were poor, and the whole thing was boring. You couldve done some interesting stuff, but didnt. I did like the Blam/Protect part, though. I have to give you props for the music, too, especially since you made it yourself. All in all, this shouldnt be on the front page, even if it is about Newgrounds...

This Flash wasnt very good...First of all, the characters arent very well drawn, although if I knew who they were supposed to be it might look better, and they style of your drawings isnt constant throughout the movie. Second, the actual animation and movement doesnt flow well; doesnt look natural. As far as the story and jokes go, I didnt find this very funny. This is partly because the movie doesnt flow, and can get confusing at times. I smiled a few times though. Finally, the sound was mediocre. Although the music was chosen well and sounded nice, the actual speech did not. You could hear the microphone going on and off and things in the background, etc. I dont blame you for that though, because not everyone has a recording studio in their dorm. Improve the animations and story, then come out with episode 3!

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um, thanks?


Well, at the beginning, it really looked like it was going somewhere good. Nice drawings and animation, and an intriguing storyline. Until Hitler was captured. From there it all went downhill. I mean, the drawing and animation were still quite impressive, and you had a good idea, but the whole subway joke wasnt very funny. You kind of overdid it too, and I couldnt really understand what was going on. All in all, you couldve have done something really good with this, but didnt. As far as story and comedy go, I dont think this should have been on the front page.

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